Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of on-demand printing which incorporates variable elements, often from the demographic information from your market’s database.  These may include personal names, addresses, business names, type of business, graphics and images into your printed marketing message. VDP allows you to customize your message to reach people on a personal level. It can truly reach your audience on a one-to-one basis.

Variable Image Printing (VIP) takes VDP to a new level by incorporating your market’s demographics into a customized image.  You may want to write the recipients’ personal name in the clouds in a sky or with pebbles on a beach.  It is much more likely to grab the recipients’ attention and insure that your message is read.  Whether you need to integrate a recipient’s name into the text of a postcard or into the images, College Press has a proven record of providing VDP/VIP solutions that will help you get results. Let us show you how a VDP/VIP marketing solution can increase your return on investment and help you maximize the effectiveness of your next campaign.

1:1 Marketing (VDP & VIP)

Marketing trends are moving away from the concept of mass-produced, general literature. In order to be effective, companies and salespeople need to streamline their messages and tailor each communication piece to the unique needs of their customers.

Historically, companies have used the “shotgun approach” to marketing: sending out static information to a variety of markets, hoping that one of the campaigns would meet their target’s needs. The concept of 1:1 (One-to-One) Marketing allows you to target the individual’s interests instead of general demographics, creating up to a 38%* increase in the return on your promotions investment.  You can actually produce fewer marketing pieces and produce better results!

 *CAP Ventures


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